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An unconventional Couturier, an artist, an aristocrat, a Prince.
“I am a free thinker,” he exclaimed.


Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon

® Photo by Lello Ammirati

Parisian fashion house NEREIDES was founded in Place Vendôme in 2007 by French-Italian Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon. Nereides devoted his whole life to art, beauty, and Haute Couture. Nothing is more obvious when talking about him. A free soul who inspires with his artistic taste and lifestyle. Nereides' spirit is inexorably linked to the oldest aristocracy in Europe, the royal grandeur of France, Spain and Italy. Coming from two royal lineages, the House of Bourbon from his father and the House of Aragon from his mother, Prince Nereides de Bourbon is the soul of a unique fashion house and he is the heir of an ancestral dynasty devoted to beauty and elegance. His ancient soul is always searching for perfection, for harmony and new inspirations to satisfying his insatiable hunger for beauty. Nereides lives between Paris and Capri island in Italy, his birthplace. Both cities always inspired him by the magic of their surrealist atmosphere. Since childhood, Nereides was engaged in philosophy and classic literature studies, later in law and economics, but his passion for fashion prevailed. In 2007, Nereides launched his first haute couture collection. Inspired by Capri's stories of mermaids, the greek 'Néréides', the colors and the flowers of his island, thus Nereides transposed those icons to his creations. In the same year, he also opened a second atelier in Capri. His first collections were made by hand painted silk gowns with floral and marine designs. Very young, Nereides learned how to work with fabrics, embroidering and sewing by hand. Later he obtained his master in haute couture at the same time as studying  law. Over the past few years, Nereides developed both creativity and savoir-faire, and a mature culture of fashion and luxury. 

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His brilliant career in haute couture beginning in 2007 was studded with other significant artistic experiences that he always carried out concurrently with his other investment projects becoming a successful young entrepreneur and financial strategist, and founding the NEREIDES Group conglomerate and its divisions. Nereides always combined his entrepreneurial status quo with his creative identity striving for excellence in all his activities. Internationally recognized as a confirmed businessman and an artist at the same time, Nereides founded a private Club of elite clients: royal families, politics, celebrities, successful entrepreneurs wear Nereides limited haute couture creations that are personally designed by the Artist. Nereides always preserved and defended the Parisian style and 'savoir faire' combined with the finest Italian taste, particularly that of Parisian 'Belle Époque' and the Italian 'Dolce Vita' and his childhood memories, both sources of inspiration that gradually influenced his creations. Capri's gardens turned into gowns with long trains made by monochrome silk and lace petals, while mermaids inspired embroideries and gown's silhouettes. Bright colors inspired by Capri's flowers and the sea gradually evolved into purity shades of white, black, ivory and nude. Originally seduced by the surrealist paradise of his beloved Italian island, Nereides never betrayed his inner Parisian style, his most sophisticated identity, thus creating new atmosphere that still characterize the spirit of his unique fashion house. Nereides haute couture silhouettes are the celebration of the most authentic Parisian sophistication, the ultimate sublimation of femininity and elegance.

Since 2007, Nereides presents his limited collections within exclusive fashion shows or exhibitions in Paris and abroad. In spring 2011 he organized a suggestive fashion show at La Canzone del Mare in Capri face to the sea tributing his birthplace and in August he was awarded for his talent with the 'Versace Award' by the Italian Fashion Council in the historical grotto of Amantea. In October 2011, Nereides organized a memorable event at the Santa Caterina Hotel in Amalfi coast inviting Italian opera singer Katia Ricciarelli and the director of Teatro alla Scala in Milan for a private music performance together with principal opera singer of Verdi Theatre in Trieste,  Francesco Cortese, an Italian classic ballet group and some other artists combining fashion, classic ballet and opera in a place where years before Karl Lagerfeld photographed the super model Claudia Schiffer for Chanel, and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt actors played 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' movie. In 2014, still attracted by the Italian 'dolce vita', he inaugurated a showroom in Italy, an exclusive 'salon privé' in the historical heart of Florence, in Via Della Spada 3, at the corner with Via Tornabuoni, organizing a private opening inviting the Italian aristocracy and promoting his ambitious project, the 'Renaissance of haute couture in Florence', together with local artists and artisans. The same year Nereides organized a few spectacular artistic events in Palazzo Vecchio, Strozzi Museum and Palazzo Tornabuoni. Florence has been another essential experience to the Artist. Florentine renaissance art, the harmony of proportions, the absolute research for perfection through the meticulous attention to details, considerably enriched his inspiration. Florence was a famous fashion crossroad in the '50, a charming city where Nereides acquired a confirmed experience in leather craftsmanship, learning by local artisans sewing leather bags and shoes by hand, thus employing this material in his creations. Nereides often combines silk and lace skirts with python, crocodile and galuchat bustiers. In Italy he also learned sewing furs that he always use to embellish his garments. Earlier exuberant and young, his style evolved to being more sophisticated, immortal, romantic, enriching by the impetuous beauty of a fur and a leather touch, thus creating unexpected modern contrasts. In the beginning of 2016, Nereides presented 'La Dame de fer' haute couture collection inspired by Eiffel Tower and he chose Parisian model Marine Barbier as his official muse.


Since 2016, attired by classic ballet world, Nereides is the official designer of the Cannes Ballet Award and its founder, Irma Nioradze, former Principal Dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg and one of most acclaimed dancers in the world. In July 2020, African super model Mame Anta Wade was the new muse of Nereides haute couture collection shooted by Italian photographer Lello Ammirati, Global Creative Director at Nereides Group, in the splendid atelier settled by Olivier Berni architect. On September 4th, 2020, together with film producer Valentina Castellani-Quinn, Nereides also co-produced an exclusive event at the 77 Venice Film Festival inviting special guests Cate Blanchett, Diego Boneta and Oliver Stone for a tribute to his friend Lorenzo Soria, former President at HFPA / Golden Globe Awards. The same year, Nereides founded Nereides Foundation with the aim to contributing to the social development through international charity programs with a focus on the woman empowerment. As first mission, he co-founded the 'Fasa Foundation' (Fondation pour les Albinos du Sénégal et d'Afrique) in Africa together with Russian fashion expert Mila Anufrieva. “It’s impossible for me living for beauty without caring about people. We have a social responsibility and luxury system cannot be blind to underprivileged groups”, stated Nereides.

Nereides style is the real expression of his interiority, evolving at the same time as him. For the 'Prince Couturier', haute couture is a high art. “When I create, I can express my inner world, which I can't always do by words…” stated Nereides. The Artist personally designs each collection in all details. “It's a way for me to feel free. I like enhancing beauty and elegance. Above all, I defend the French haute couture savoir-faire. It's my heritage to the future generations”.

Nereides haute couture creations are often transparent for a nude effect and embellished with gold, real diamonds and other gemstones. His style is the incarnation of extreme Parisian luxury and elegance. 

Both Paris and Capri still inspire the Artist. “Paris and Capri are both my home and the places that inspire my artistic dimension. I am half Parisian and half Caprese and there are no more places where I feel free to express myself and where I am supposed to live my whole life”, stated the Grand Couturier.

In 2021, inspired by haute couture, Nereides launched 'Diamond Elixir', the ultimate luxury haute-rejuvenation skincare made by the eternity of diamond. Italian model Lilly Mandel is the muse of Nereides beauty skincare line. “I sublimated the excellence of haute couture into a supreme skincare beauty line. Haute couture elevates craftsmanship to the highest and finest art. It is s a magical constellation of exceptional savoir-faire, daring creativity, precious materials and excellence in all details. Well inspired by my own experience in haute couture, I therefore decided to create an extraordinary and audacious haute-rejuvenation skincare ritual. I amalgamated the preciousness of diamonds with two revolutionary cosmetic actives with an absolute respect for the traditional values of luxury savoir-faire combining biotechnology and opulence”, stated the Artist. The NEREIDES Diamond Elixir skincare collection, created for elite customers and available in selected locations only, already climbed the pinnacle of excellence in the Olympus of luxury experience and stands on the podium of limited haute-rejuvenation skincare lines.

Prince Nereides de Bourbon works in Place Vendôme where he crafts his dreams behind the secret doors of his private atelier.

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