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“I have been haunted by mermaids” - Nereides

Nereides haute couture

Capri symbolize 'the island of exile' for Nereides, the place where he finds his most intimate and mystical dimension. The surrealist suggestions of the silvery twilight on the sea and the mystical voluptuousness of the night revive Nereides' double identity, the most intimate. A luminous face grappling with the most tormented and mysterious features that blend in the eternal alternation of day and night. A deep connection between Nereides and Capri, a place that has its roots in a long tradition of aesthetic libertinage which inspires the Couturier whose soul is dreamy, free and rebellious. Nereides's soul has been conquered by to the rarefied and seductive atmospheres of a place that is imbued of mystery and secrets, and haunted by sacred love and pains.

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