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Nereides Haute Couture Paris

Mermaids inspire Nereides' most iconic dress which bears the name of the Couturier, the 'Néréide'. This emblematic dress is always made by lace and nude silk tulle with long trains and embellished with petals, feather and embroideries. Silk flowers are often combined to pearls and precious stones climbing on the silhouette like a garden. The transparency creates an optical fusion between the silhouette and the fabric. The embroidery and the flowers seems to being sewn on the skin.

I mold the skin. My creations are alive  - Nereides.

The 'Néréide' dress kind is the Artist' most sophisticated and virtuous creation, thus achieving a perfect harmony between the floral sensuality inspired by the flowered gardens of Capri Island and the preciousness of the embroideries inspired by the opulence of Paris' thousounds lights.

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