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"Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail" - Leonardo Da Vinci.


This truth is an evidence in Nereides' creative work. The pursuit of perfection, of harmony and details is the constant obsession of the 'Grand Couturier' who strives for excellence, beauty and elegance. He is the interpreter of an old charm and the heir of a masterful savoir-faire typical to the most classic artistic tradition. Perfection is reflected in streamlined and precise silhouettes, in the attention of minor detail, even those not visible, the absence of smudges, resulting in soft, feminine and elegant, ethereal and pure forms. Nothing is left to chance, everything is worked out in every detail. Each creation is embroidered with love and passion. Nereides haute couture creations reflect the honesty and the noble spirit of its Grand Couturier. Purity and delicacy are the emblematic characteristics of haute couture collections signed Nereides which seems impalpable. The 'néréides', the sea mermaids, inspire sinuous and sensual silhouettes which are evocative of an ancient, natural and mythological perfection!

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