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LOGO Nereides De Bourbon.png


Nereides haute couture

Mame Anta Wade

® Photo by Lello Ammirati

Dreams have a name, Nereides! He is the guardian of a traditional savoir-faire and the interpreter of an absolute devotion to beauty and art. Nereides always gets new inspirations in the 'wardrobe' of his childhood memories. The Couturier has an artistic soul and his sensitivity is clearly expressed in his creations. Entering in his Parisian atelier, like an old safe, the first feeling is like walking on the ruins of a lost era. The Artist is fully immersed in the magic labyrinth of his memories made by the nostalgic atmosphere of his childhood and his artistic decadent dimension. "I feel I have lived other lives before, but always surrounded by beauty and delicacy. Sometimes a few fading memories are resurfacing under my skin and I feel suspended in the time, between the past and the future", stated Nereides. In his dreaming atelier, there is a diffused smell of patchouli essence that fell once on the parquet, and the echo of an abandoned old piano that was playing in the ballroom years ago. The artistic scenario seems suspended in the time with the crystal chandeliers shining in the gallery, the ancient brocades on the walls, the fabrics and the laces on the sofà, the feathers in the Chinese porcelains, the pearls for the embroideries in the vases, the collection of old bottles of perfume, the big library plein of French poems and fashion books. "Whenever I start designing a new collection, I close my eyes and I abandon myself to new ideas like a boat in the waves". Nereides is both a dreamer and a 'dream maker'. He likes enhancing ancient beauty while sailing new styles and transcending eras, trends, and seasons. Nereides' style is vibrant, timeless, romantic and elegant and it is the effect of an artistic pathos. 

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