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The Métiers d'Art, an ancient history ... an essential link

nereides haute couture

Nereides haute couture creations are the result of an exclusive collaboration between the Couturier and the best artisans in Paris. Nereides is the guardian of the most exquisite French savoir-faire made by traditional crafts, valuable secrets and knowledge. Selected artisans working at NEREIDES treasure a precious know-how developed over the centuries. They keep the artistic crafts alive, the 'métiers d'art', which have to be perpetuated for the conservation and restoration of heritage. Craftsmanship is above all a patrimony for the future generations. These masters of art are carriers of exceptional techniques that they owe pass on. Nereides learned hand sewing, embroidering and the French 'moulage' observing the meticulous work of the most expert artisans. He always collaborates with them creating unique and inspiring collections made by handmade fabrics and embroideries. Lesage (embroiderer), Lemarié (plumassier), Hurel (embroiderer), Desrues (parurier), Massaro (shoemaker), Michel (hat milliner), Goossens (goldsmith), Guillet (floral parurier), Causse (glove maker), these Houses are famous for their exceptional savoir-faire in making embroideries, precious garments and jewelry, and enhancing Nereides' creativity and contributing to its preciousness, unicity and beauty. The only limit to Nereides' artwork is the imagination!

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