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A meticulous selection ...


As its name suggests, Couture is defined 'haute' because the high quality of its know-how and the most valuable and noble materials that are employed. Maison Nereides interprets the concept beyond haute couture like a lyrical expression of pleasure, a poetic hymn to luxury, an aesthetic libertinism whose excess knows no bounds. Precious fabrics are adorned by sophisticated and intricate embroideries. The gowns are encrusted with pearls, gold, diamonds and other gemstones. The most exquisite French lace is the predominant material of all creations together with silk muslin, thus creating impalpable dresses. Jackets and coats are made by the most exquisite French tweed, strictly handmade by the House of 'Lesage'. Fabrics and the embroideries are combined according to a rare know-how, the most sublime Parisian savoir-faire. Feathers often enrich Nereides' creations, thus creating a retro effect. Precious materials employed for the traditional 'Luneville' embroidery technique are personally selected  by the Couturier who loves the pearl, one of most iconic symbols of the House of Nereides. Gemstones and gold garment often adorn royal settings. Above all, the diamond is the favorite material that the Grand Couturier often employs to enriching his most special creations. The preciousness of these materials is combined with the characteristic creation of silk flowers that the Artist uses to embellish his creations inspired by the sea mermaids, the 'néréides', symbol of femininity, lightness and sensuality. Be the proud possessor of a haute couture dress made by Nereides means collecting an authentic and precious artwork which brings the recognizable signature of the Grand Couturier in every detail!

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