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Meeting with Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon, the “Prince Artist”

Founder of the Parisian haute couture house NEREIDES and fine international financial strategist, Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon puts his creativity at the service of fashion and finance.

An unconventional personality, an artist, a businessman, a contemporary prince. The spirit of Nereides is inexorably linked to the history of the nobility and its two hometowns, Paris and Capri. Nereides' personal and professional journey is atypical and complex at the same time.

It is currently difficult to define an ordinary profile when it comes to a man who masters several and apparently opposite fields, from finance to Haute Couture, passing through multiple professional experiences and unexpected, sometimes incomprehensible choices.

Nereides lives and works between Paris and Capri, he also lived in Florence for a few years. In haute couture, Nereides has always combined science with philosophy, economics with art, law with fashion. Entrepreneur, couturier, philosopher, poet, economist, painter, journalist ... a thousand faces of a mysterious and impenetrable character, sober and not at all eccentric, who oscillates between two opposing worlds: the austerity of finance and international diplomacy, and the ephemeral beauty of art and haute couture.

The common thread of his life is revealed to be his creativity, which he uses with versatility, whether it is a financial transaction or the design of a new haute couture collection for his own Parisian Maison.

From a very young age, Nereides has been working on international projects, from the oil sector to real estate, from the sale of works of art to financial trading through various experiences in the marketing and trade sector, in houses of luxury goods such as Chanel and Fendi for example or others from the LVMH group.

However, artistic creativity developed alongside the entrepreneurial experience and fashion has always been one of his privileged fields.

In 2007, he founded the haute couture house NEREIDES Place Vendôme, his personal address, where he organizes private shows, and he returns every year to his native island, Capri, where he often exhibits his creations during the summer.

The same year, he consolidated an artistic and professional partnership with the Italian photographer and artist Lello Ammirati, who became the Artistic Director of his House as well as his alter ego.

Over the past 13 years, many celebrities and personalities of the international jet set have been wowed by the charm of NEREIDES haute couture creations, which are characterized by timeless elegance and sensuality.

The particularity of NEREIDES creations lies in the craftsmanship, the preciousness of the materials and the uniqueness of each piece.

Each year, Nereides creates a small number of pieces for a small audience, and each creation requires long weeks of work. Some of the materials used include diamonds and gemstones for hand embroidery, fur and exotic leathers.

There are muses who inspire the artistic evolution of the creator. Among them, actresses such as Nicole Kidmann, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, passing by models: the Italian model and actress Lilly Mandel who has been nicknamed the "new Monica Bellucci", the Parisian Marine Barbier and the model Mame Anta Wada , already the muse of singer Rihanna.

Maison NEREIDES is also known for its haute couture for men and for unique high jewelry creations. Today, it is more and more difficult to be part of the small clientele of this niche House for which Nereides personally chooses its members.

Along with his passion for sewing and art, Nereides continues to work successfully in the financial field and from 2020 he joins forces with new business partners becoming the new Chief Global Marketing and Investor Relations Officer of Bellagraph Nova Group.

The meeting with the founders of the BN group, Evangeline Shen and Nelson Loh, consolidates a new professional adventure for Nereides who sees himself at the head of an international conglomerate of more than thirty companies ranging from the financial trading sector to asset management. , from the medical and hospital sector to cosmetics, from robotics to fine jewelry with a team of more than 23,000 employees. In August 2020, Nereides leads negotiations for the acquisition of the British football team Newcastle which the Bellagraph Nova Group wishes to buy, and he plans a five-year marketing strategy which sees the creation of a new film production house, Papillon Media Production, and its official debut in the world of cinema starting from the Venice Film Festival in September 2020, as well as participation in international festivals such as the Golden Globe Awards and the Cannes Film Festival. Nereides also signs a partnership between Bellagraph Nova Group and Valentina Castellani-Quinn, founder and president of Quinn Studios Entertainment in Los Angeles, for the production of films in Hollywood as well as small films for e-commerce. Papillon Media Production is the very first international media content creation platform for brands and influencers who wish to sell their products online on Chinese platforms.

Creativity never ceases to inspire Nereides who is always open to new adventures and who touches with its audacity and modernity.

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