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“My haute couture silhouettes are like sea waves embellished by delicate flower petals reproducing 

natural and feminine movements. Beauty lies in simplicity, with a particular devotion to details", stated Nereides.


The Emblem of the House of NEREIDES

The 'spirit' of Parisian fashion House Nereides is inexorably linked to the artistic evolution of the Grand Couturier. Nereides' birthplaces, Paris and Capri, always inspire his collections. There is a mystic connection between Nereides' name and the philosophy beyond his fashion House which is linked to Capri, the mermaids island. The 'néréides', the sea mermaids, these are the quintessential symbol of beauty and seduction! Nereides interprets their legendary and enchanting beauty with a sophisticated and glamour Parisian style.

Nereides' emblem and signature simply represents his name, his noble story and his life. It's crown symbolize Nereides' royal lineage. Crowed by velvet and ermine drapery and garments, his emblem frame the central shell revealing a pearl inside it. The name 'Capri' which is Nereides' birthplace is engraved in the middle. Beside the shell, two mermaids with a double tail, the 'néréides', hold a little crown while brandishing a trident and celebrating the pearl's creation. The pearl, symbol par excellence of Aphrodite, Venus, which is Nereides' astrologic ascending planet, it's an iconic representation of the goddess of love born from the foam of the sea, a symbol of beauty, sensuality, femininity and purity. The round pearl shares the same color as the moon, its changeable and mystic character, reflecting by its pearly shades. Its lunar aspect is also comparable to the changing character of the water which is not only a moon's element, but it is also linked to Venus planet. Born from the water or born from the moon, or found in a shell, the pearl represents the essential symbol of creative femininity. It thus symbolizes the sublimation of instincts, the spiritualization of life, the transfiguration of the elements, the brilliant term of existence. The pearl is the attribute of an angelic perfection acquired by transmutation. The pearl is rare, pure, precious. It is pure because it is known to be flawless, because its unaltered white color, even if it is drawn from muddy water or a coarse shell. According to legend, the pearl is born by the effect of a lightning in the sea, or by the dew dripping into a shell, or from the tears of sea mermaids. In the 17th century, René François wrote: "Mother-of-pearl is pregnant by the heavens and it feeds only on celestial nectar, creating the Argentinian pearl, pale or yellowish, depending on whether the sun shines in the sky and the dew is pure". It is a sign of a celestial activity and a life's embryo, material or spiritual, like the 'bindu' in the conch, the pearl-Aphrodite in its shell. Nereides has chosen the pearl to representing the spirit of his fashion House and his deep connection with the underwater world of mermaids, the legendary sea enchantresses whose name he bears.

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