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The story of a “Metropolitan Mermaid”…

haute couture nereides paris

Nereides is always inspired by the richness of past centuries costumes that he observes with nostalgia and admiration. He is seduced by the opulence of ancient embroideries, the superior quality of fabrics and the rarity of a lost world. But it is at the heart of the sea where he finds the true source of inspiration for his creations. In the depths of the abyss, they are amazing creatures who animate his living sketches, the 'néréides', the sea mermaids, the enchantresses of the human soul. Nereides' silhouette is sinuous like the waves and is often embellished with flowers, pearls and precious stones. The gowns are decorated with natural elements creating impalpable, feminine and light transparencies. The mythological mysticism of Capri, the 'Néréides' island, blends with the decadent sophistication of the centenary 'Ville lumière'. Nereides interprets in his collections the dream of a lost age: the opulent and aristocratic splendor era of the the 'Siècle des lumières', the nostalgia of early 1900s, and the madness and 'joie de vivre 'of the Parisian Belle Époque, thus creating his silhouette that he loves to define as of a “Metropolitan Mermaid”.

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