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The 'Parisienne' is Nereides' most famous jacket.


Nereides gets its inspiration from the 'French dress kind' at Luis XVI time, and more generally from the military-inspired frac or 'Marsin jacket' which graced three centuries of fashion. Nereides declines the old aristocratic and military livery in a contemporary and sophisticated version but without ever betraying the royal spirit of such a precious garment. Nereides' iconic jacket is characterized by a straight standing collar as high as the height of the wearer. Shoulders' shape are well structured with a very recognizable pagoda shape. Sleeves are classic and grippy. The placket is often adorned with hand-knitted or crocheted brandenburg buttons. The pockets complete the jacket making it practical and aesthetically richer. The proportions of the jacket are always redefined according each silhouette. The 'Parisienne' therefore represents the essential garment to complete a perfect outfit, from day to night, for those who like to stand out with the most sophisticated and refined style signed Nereides.

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