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“My life is a  needlework ,” stated Nereides.

nereides haute couture

Nereides' instruments allow him to tune genius to the practice, thus creating an authentic artwork. The imagination is above all the most sensational tool to the Artist who crafts dreams. Nereides' curiosity, combined with his imagination, converts unexpected ideas in exquisite collections. 'Many things are made by hands which are our natural instruments, but haute couture is a high art, and art is also made by heart", stated Nereides. Just needs of a simple needle, some cotton, a thimble, a centimeter and a pair of scissors, and voilà, the magic come true! Nereides masters his instruments with love, passion, experience and he works patiently with the same pathos of those who create an artwork. While making art, the Grand Couturier is surrounded by old instruments inherited from past centuries. There is a sacred and amazed atmosphere everywhere in his studio. Nereides nonchalantly makes his creations with precious antique tools managed by artisans from1700/1800. iUsing those instruments, Nereides pursuits their tradition and he saves their memories. In his 'dreaming atelier', among hundred sketches, pencils, colors, fabrics, cottons, precious stones and photos, there are a few gold and silver scissors with different shapes, some thimbles made by precious metals and gemstones, some pincushions porcelain dolls in velvet and lace, old sewing machines which still works , a few white mannequins forgotten in old attics which stand silently like specters haunting the studio. The mirrors in the boiserie reflect the spirit of a dreamer who is immersed in his inner world made of memories, in a rarefied and dreamlike dimension of nostalgic beauty and lucid madness.

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