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Nereides Haute Couture Paris

The sea mermaids inspire Nereides' most emblematic silhouette.



The 'Parisienne', the iconic Nereides' jacket.



The pearl which comes from the shell is one of Nereides' most iconic symbols.

Emerging from the depths of the sea, the pearl frames Nereides' emblem.

Nereides is seduced by the charming image of pearls woven into the hairs of fabulous mermaids or settled into long necklaces owned by noble women all along the Parisian 'Belle Époque'.

The pearl is often employed in intricate embroideries or settled in sophisticated and precious jewelries.

" The mother-of-pearl in the shell reflects the mystery of life" - Nereides.



Capri' flower and Parisian flowers inspire the most feminine haute couture floral design.

The 'mermaids island' is famous for the colors of its beautiful gardens: roses, bougainvilleas, orchids, strelitzia, the 'bird of paradise flower', iris, narcissus, wisteria and all Mediterranean flowers.

Paris also owns beautiful gardens plein of roses and many other magnificent flowers.

Floral embroideries embellish Nereides' gowns like flowers climbing the walls in the gardens.

Orchid is Nereides's favorite flower together with rose that Nereides often uses in his creations.


DSC_7438 copia copie.jpg

NEREIDES' iconic colors reflect the ethereal and mysterious spirit of the Artist together with his tormented and genial soul.

Black and Nude are always a source of inspiration for Nereides who loves contrasts.

Nereides mixes in his collections the night black with the mermaids' pearly shades.

"My soul is half white, like the mother-of-pearl, and half black, like the night" - Nereides


nereides haute couture

Nereides is educed by the sensuality of the lace which he uses in each collection.

The intriguing pattern and the high quality of the lace made it the most precious and seductive fabric.

Nereides only uses the best lace made by 'Solstiss', a French conglomerate of best Houses of lace artisans since the 20th century.

All these Houses pursuit an old tradition of masterful lace craftsmanship: Maison Ledieu Beauvillain, Maison Victor Machu and AEG Joel Machu,

Maison Robert Belot and Maison Edouard Beauvillain.

Hand made lace fabrics made by Solstiss' artisans are later enriched with complex and meticulous embroideries 

made by the best Parisian ateliers.



Nereides' obsession for infantry uniforms inspire his military chic' haute couture collections and accessories.

Saddlery and riding cloths inspire Nereides' quilted and chevron patterns made by leather or fabric.

The Grand Couturier is seduced by the leather creating with it incredible accessories made by the best Florentine and Parisian artisans.

The most iconic Nereides' 'matelassé' is made on the lambskin leather which seduces for its softness and luxury finishing.

Nereides' accessories and small leather goods are also embroidered with pearls, crystals and precious stones.

Each creation is hand made and it is exclusive.



The aesthetic libertinage of the 'Belle Époque' inspires Nereides' love for exotic leather.

Crazy '20s costumes were often embellished with crocodile and galluchat, python and lizard and other exotic animals.

Nereides employs exotic leathers with the same exuberant spirits of that of 'Belle Époque', while carefully respecting animals and protected species, and he always requires detailed controls to prevent animal abuse.

Exotic leather details are used to embellish bustiers,

gowns or coats.

Exotic leather also embellish bags and shoes enriching elegant and precious outfits.


Nereides haute couture

The feather is one of Nereides's quintessential symbols.

The inspiration comes from the 'Belle Époque' costumes.

Feathers adorn Nereides' creations giving vibrant lightness, sweetness, grace and femininity

 NEREIDES collections are made by rare fathers, such from the swan feathers, the egret, the bird of paradise, the peacock, the goose, ostrich feathers, thus reflecting the gentle soul of the Grand Couturier.

The feathers are handmade by Lemarié and other famous French 'plumassiers'.



Fur is the ultimate expression of Nereides' creativity and savoir-faire.

Nereides elevates the fur to a high art combining daring creativity with unexpected embroideries embellished with feathers and gemstones,

and resulting in optical, geometric and mimetic effects like sea waves or floral gardens.

The most sophisticated and rare fur technique is enriched by astonishing haute couture embroideries made by best artisans such 

the ones of Maison Lemarié and Maison Hurel.

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